Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday, June 9

Monday, June 9:


-Review Rogerian Argument Organization.
-Review sources and topics: -10 minute of group discussion
mock arguments—play devil’s advocate in order to help your peer.

-Discuss role of empathy in Rogerian argument: How empathic are you:

The role of empathy, globally:

A radical idea about empathy:

Review sources and how to deal with sources: Read MWF: pgs. 238-242 on summary.
Group work: Take five minutes to write down the argument you want to make.
Share that argument with your peer. Then write a summary of your peer’s argument and discuss if your summary is correct. In your discussion, look for strategies in outlining your Rogerian arguments using summary skills.

Discuss—repeat exercise with paraphrasing and quotations.

Read Models for Writers. Pgs. 238-254.
Writing sentences- pgs. 228-232

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