Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Response Note # 7 (seven)

For this response note, write 200 words about your topic. Why did you pick the topic you picked? What are the varying angles of your topic? What do you know about the topic? Etc.


F Santana said...

Work in this assignment, gives me the opportunity to know more depth the complexity of the health care system of Americans. One of the greatest gifts we can receive is have a good health. Have adequate medical coverage is not only gives us peace of mind it is the dream that everyone wants to have in America.
In my case I have health care insurance that cover the costs of my health problems, I just to worry about the co -payment costs. But I am worry about the people without jobs, or people whose jobs don’t provided them with health care insurance.

1. What are the varying angles of your topic?
One of the varying points of my topic is about the impact of Obama Care has on jobs. Jobs had growths as a result of new Healthcare, by the creation of thousands of new jobs in government and health care sectors. At that point people fell free to leave a job where don't want to be, just because need the health care coverage, instead can apply for jobs position they are most qualified and to obtain better pay.
Obama Care varying angles:
* Impact of jobs (Obama Care does not replace private insurance, such as medicare or medicaid.
* Obama Care: regulates "Health insurance", but doesn't regulate healthcare.
* Free Preventive Services: Including check-ups, immunizations counseling, and screenings.
* "Small Business Health Options Program" (to open enrollment small business can buy a "SHOP" plan.
2. What do you know about your topic?
after reading a lot of information about "Obama Care", I know that, officially called the "Patient Protection Affordable Care Act" (PPACA), shortly also more often called that Affordable Care Act (ACT).
The Affordable Care Act was signed into law March 23, 2010 and aphel by a supreme court on June 28, 2012. The law requires all Americans have health insurance by 2014, or pay a per month fee for each month with minimum coverage. The Affordable Care Act, also requires that all Americans purchase a private health Care Plan or pay a taxes penalty on their years end taxes.
The Affordable Care Act, increase the quality accessibility of health insurance, spanks free preventive service and health benefits, expand medicaid, decreases health care spending and the deficit. For many people, ACT increases coverage may actually raise overall health costs in the short terms, by receiving preventive care that lead higher medical spending.

And also, Obama Care is the name that many people use to named the health care reform act.
Affordable Health Care act has been designed to everyone will have individual health plan insurances.
today have a adequate medical coverage is a necessity in our society. all Americans dream to have one of the best healthcare insurance!!!

Ana Perez said...

The topic that I chose for this essay is gun control. I chose this topic because a family friend recently was killed by an unsupervised gun. The weapon was laying out in plain sight that a child was able to get to it. I’ve known a few cases where a gun was in the wrong hands and used for purposes other than safety reasons. A gun isn’t made to be used as a toy. I’m not stating that guns shouldn’t be allowed, but there should be stricter laws on the usage of the weapon. Yes I do believe that people have the right to own a gun for protection. In order to have that gun it should be locked away and out of reach from minors or anyone who does not know how to uses it correctly. No-one needs a gun laying out in plain sight. Guns aren’t a bad thing until they end up in a bad person’s hand. When I say a bad person I mean someone who uses it to harm another person intentionally without being in harm’s way first. I don’t know much about guns but I plan to learn. I believe everyone should know about guns so that they can become alert to what they are used for, how to used them, and most important when they should actually be used.
- Ana Perez

Andy Cuello said...

The topic I'm going to use is the Stand Your Ground law. Basically, I picked this topic because in my opinion, the Stand Your Ground law should be a little more refined on its definition. People like to misuse this law for their own gain just like in the case of Trayvon Martin. This case is actually significant to the Stand Your Ground law because of what actually happened. The varying angles in this topic are that there is people that are against the Stand Your Ground law. Usually, the people who are against this law protest or write about it on the internet. The people for this law obviously don’t show any interest in learning it because they wanted it from the start. What I know about this topic is that the Stand Your Ground law is actually an interesting thing. The way the law is written can be confusing to most hence why people trend to misuse this law. The law states that a man who was "on his premises" when he came under attack and "...did not provoke the assault, and had at the time reasonable grounds to believe, and in good faith believed, that the deceased intended to take his life, or do him great bodily harm...was not obliged to retreat, nor to consider whether he could safely retreat, but was entitled to stand his ground.” After you read this, it does clearly state that this law only refers to when you are on your own premises and you are under attack thinking you will get injured badly or even death, then you have the right to stand your ground and retaliate at that given moment.
-Andy Cuello

William Kenner said...

The Topic for my research essay in the legalization of marijuana. This subject is a very personal matter, I have seen many incidents where marijuana has kept someone, fighting cancer, alive. He struggled with chemo and no results were showing, until he started smoking, then all of a sudden he began walking more, talking more, the life in him began to come back and he started to feel somewhat himself again. He was the reason that I fight for medical marijuana legalization. However I have also seen downfalls from someone smoking marijuana on a daily basis that has no illnesses and it’s not pretty. Any type of consumption of smoke is bad for the body, whether the plant being smoked is healthy or not. I’ve done research on this subject for many years I can personally say that recreational marijuana will increase the economy but alter the minds of those who constantly use it. Marijuana now-a-days is seen as, the stronger it is the healthier, which is wrong. The stronger the effects means the higher the THC levels are. High THC levels aren't too bad to an extent. What is really needed to be focused on is low THC levels and High CBD levels. CBD(cannabidiol) is the medical aspect of marijuana and doesn't cause any type of psychoactive feelings.

Brenda Tamayo said...

Why did you pick the topic you picked? I choose to write about Same Sex Marriage because I believe everyone should have rights in this country. And I believe that it does not matter what color, race, or gender you are, you have rights. No one should be banned from marrying the one they love even if it is the same sex.
What are the varying angles of your topic? One angle is how the church and different religions view same sex marriage. Another is how the same sex couples see it. Another angle is how Congress and legislation play a big part in their views because only 19 state have legalized same sex marriage. States that are for it and states that are against it and why.
What do you know about the topic? In 1970 two students in Minnesota applied for a marriage license and were denied. In 1973 Maryland became the first state to ban same sex marriage. It was not until 2004 that Massachusetts legalized same sex marriage. So far only 19 state in the United States have legalized same sex marriages. 31 states have gay marriage bans through either laws or constitutional amendments or both. 16 countries now have the freedom to marry. This began in 2001.

Carlo Ricci said...

For this essay I have chosen the debate about the new soccer stadium that David Beckham wants to build in Miami. The debate is about wither to let David Beckham and his firm build a soccer stadium in Miami or not and if approved, where will it be built?. Beckham’s first location choice was to build the stadium in the port of Miami but that raised many negative comments from business people that work or own businesses in the port and they claimed that hundreds of jobs would be lost if a stadium was to be built in that area(not entirely true). The location would also result in a congestion of traffic from Ships, Trucks and People visiting the events. The second location now in debate is by the Miami Museum which involves taking an empty, unused boat slip that has to be filled and a parcel that belongs to the city. This location is somewhat better but it is still raising a lot of negative feedback for many reasons, such as: Residents around the area do not appreciate a 100 foot tall building covering the only open view left in the bay area, traffic increase, the fear of another Marlins Park (baseball stadium) disaster and the removal of an old piece of history that is the boat slip. I think this argument has a lot of potential and two very much different points of view. One side thinks it will bring more business and growth and the other side thinks it will bring taxes increase, changing the image of the city and traffic congestion.

Rose Rivera said...

1. Why did you pick the topic you picked?
I chose the topic of restricting access to firearms for people with mental illness because it is a topic currently being debated in the media and newspapers by the government, the public, healthcare entities and alliances that advocate for the mentally ill. I also wanted to broaden my knowledge of the topic as well.
2. What are the varying angles of your topic?
The angles I will use to develop my essay will be to summarize each groups position as honest and accurately as possible that will show each groups values, opinions and beliefs are understood and being considered.
3. What do you know about your topic?
I have discovered some laws that already impact this issue such as the Gun Control Act of 1968 and The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act which currently restricts prohibited persons that I will define in my essay that I believe are relevant to the issue. Information regarding ATF form 4473 which currently requires an individual seeking to purchase a gun to answer a question concerning their mental health that I will define and discuss further within the groups I have listed above. I will also review the implementation of NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System that has an impact on the opinions of each group mentioned above to name a few.

Nathaly Ramos said...

My assignment is on legalization of abortion. Abortion is legal before twelve weeks of pregnancy. By that time the fetishes already developed a heart beat. If a person is in a coma and their heartbeat is still beating even when caused only by a machine and not a physical attribution the person is still considered alive. That means that the fetus is alive within two days. Murder is considered taking the life away from another human being. Why should it be legal to kill a living human that has not stepped into our grounds yet? Many people believe that so long as the fetus hasnt developed all of its body parts it is not considered human yet. That the carrier should have the rights to extract the unwanted being from its body because it belongs to them. I will be arguing about why it should be illegal to kill an unborn life only because it is not fully developed. I will be using scientifically proven statements to with hold my argument. I will also be arguing about how it should be illegalized in states that it has been legalized in. I will also be arguing about pills such as the day after pill or pregnancy prevention tools and how they are the unchanged law writhing thev illegelazation of abortion.

Alma Mendez said...

The topic I have chosen is illegal immigration, it has been an issue that has always brought controversy and that many can’t seem to agree with. In the past years many proposals were made, only one became a law. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival, giving them an opportunity to continue their education. They have been provided with a work permit but this is not a status, consequently it is not something that guarantees them that they will not be removed from the country. There are around 11 million immigrants who have not yet received any type of documentation. The majority of them migrate from Mexico and South America. Those against legalizing immigrant believe that if they have migrated illegally to the U.S then they should not receive any type of help. And that in order to pass a law that benefit the undocumented, they must meet certain criteria’s and that further actions must be taken before even considering the idea of legalizing them. An action that has been made is the border fence that has not yet been completely built; this fence is design to secure the border between Mexico and the U.S. In the other hand, many believe that agriculture is entirely dependent upon illegal immigrants. That deporting them would lead to drastic labor shortage. In other words, illegal immigration is what is helping the economy today. Therefore I believe a decision must be made to benefit those who have contributed to this country.

David Castillo said...

The topic I have chosen is Gun Control. Over the last two decades the second amendment has been under constant attack by the government and the people. It was written for the people by the people to cease a government if it started expanding too much. The second amendment states that we have the right to bear arms as an American citizen. Many politicians especially democrats wish to remove this amendment and in doing so is almost an act of treason to what being an American really means. There have been many news lately of young men who obtain firearms to do harm to others and bring pain to many families across the United States. Unfortunately because of these acts of violence the people are convinced that the second amendment is truly a bad thing. The reason I chose this topic is because it would be very unconstitutional to remove the second amendment from American society. Being an American citizen myself, it's not hard to see what would happen if our second amendment is stripped from us. The government would have a lot more control over the people if they no longer have firearms to defend themselves. A firearm requires a great deal of responsibility and unfortunately in todays society the majority of the youth are no longer shocked to violence due to the music, media and video games our society seems to accept.

Leonel martinez said...

The topic I chose is employment changes due to the health care legislation becoming a law. This is an impact in today's economy because the health care costs are changing constantly and people need to have their jobs to pay what they need in their daily life.
What are the varying angles of your topic?
The first varying topic is the health care reform will destroy jobs. The Congressional Budget Office(CBO) estimated that by 2017, 2 million less people will be employed, and that by 2024 that would increase to 2.5 million people that would be jobless. The CBO figured that with the newly presented options to buy health insurance, people would not have to work as much or as many hours. All this because people will leave their own workforce.
The second angle is that the health care reform will create jobs. Reducing the growth of health insurance premiums would let employers hire more workers to work for them. Excess growth of health insurance will have an adverse effect on employment. By lowering health care cost or decreasing areas where it is needed, employment may increase rapidly.
I know labor is a thing that nearly almost everyone has to go through. For what ever the cost, people need to be able to be employed, so they can cover their costs.

Samaria Miller said...

The topic that I have chosen is why the death penalty should be abolished. The reasons that I've chosen this topic is because many people in today's society are doing numerous of crimes, and I thought about the people who've really done something to get sentence to life, I thought to myself maybe they need to sit in the jail sells and think about what they've done. Not just brush it all away and give them the death penalty. Which is easier for the criminal to just to not pay for what they did. Also, what about the people who are called "criminals" only not to be criminals. Some people die to the death penalty to later find out that they really didn't do the crime. By that time, the person is already dead and you can't set them free. According to the death penalty statistics, the U.S. spends $2.4 million on the death penalty cases. This why Ive chosen why the fealty penalty should be abolished and explained my varying topics.