Monday, June 9, 2014

Response Note 9

Annotate another source.

Keep in mind that you should be summarizing the main points that the source is making and then briefly addressing those points and discussing how those main points shape your paper.


Carlo Ricci said...

"David Beckham's Proposed Soccer Stadium at Port Threatens Jobs and Economic Impact, Miami Seaport Alliance Says." PolitiFact Florida. The Miami Herald, 24 Apr. 2014. Web. 08 June 2014. When Beckham announced his interest in building a soccer stadium in Miami, politicians where intrigued by the idea but when the primary location was revealed (PortMiami) it immediately raised concerns. Commissioners were concerned about the idea of using a major economic spot to build a soccer stadium. The Seaport Alliance, led by Royal Caribbean, posted an article in the Miami Herald stating that over 200,000 jobs would be threatened if a stadium was to be built at the port. They mentioned that crane operators, truck drivers and other important positions would be traded to selling peanuts and soda positions. What they did not mentioned is that out of the 200,000 jobs, 80% of that, is from outside jobs that are nowhere close to the port, such as import and export companies that use the port to transport their product. So technically, building a stadium in the port would not really compromise any jobs that are physically performed in it. This article is backed up by statements from Martin Associates, a Pennsylvania-based firm, Temple University economics professor Michael Leeds, Victor Matheson critic of public financing of stadiums. After their arguments, the claims from the Seaport Alliance are rated false. This article reveals how sometimes people with different interests can bend the actual facts and twist the information so that readers are persuaded and make decisions to will favor the writer

Rose Rivera said...

Palazzolo, Joe. "On Guns and Mental Health: Feds Issue New Regulations - Law Blog - WSJ." The Wall Street Journal, 3 Jan. 2014. Web. 2 June 2014. .
The Law Blog article discusses the proposed new regulations so states can report mental health records in the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) system. Currently federal laws keeps dealers from selling firearms to people deemed to be mentally unstable or as the law labels “mentally defective”. The proposed laws define the certain entities that are exempt from the law and who are able to pass all mental health records to the NICS so that gun dealers are able to confirm their customers are legally permitted to buy guns. This source is a good source because it provides links to the proposed regulations along with responses and questions received from the public. The information provided in this article is neutral and offers answers to frequently asked questions and responses that the writer, Joe Palazzolo, believes would be useful for the public to understand the current laws in place as follows:
• Can mental-health professionals report me to the federal government for seeking their services?
• Can mental-health professionals report me if I’m diagnosed with mental illness?
• Committed or found by whom?
• Do the proposed regulations permit my mental-health provider to report me to the federal government?
• What kind of information can state authorities turn over to the database?

This article provided me insight into what the public is thinking about but may be afraid to ask or simply want to know. It provided me information that can be used to provide a solution of compromise that would benefit all concerned that I can use in my essay regarding the search for balance with respect to gun laws, mental illness and violence.

F Santana said...

In the article, from “About.Com” (personal Insurance). Obama Health Care Reform.
“Examining Obama’s Universal Health care Plan”.
Obama is aggressively promoting his Universal Health care proposal. This article shows that Obama is ready to fix the nation’s Health Care problems. Obama feels, along with others benefits which something needs to be done in relation of American’s health care crisis. He want a health care reform plan to make health care costs affordable for all Americans, but many Americans still worry about how Obama plan to pay for does Universal health care system and how his critics think. Obama’s Health care Reform and how he plans to pay for it. President Obama has made health care reform a priority since the beginning of his presidency. Starting with COBRA reform to help reduces health care costs. President Obama has $634 billion health care bill proposal just to be a down payment for future health care insurance reform. Due the much money being spent and with health care reform being a hot topic since the failed universal health care proposal by President Clinton, President Obama is going to have his critics. Universal health Care gains popularity- what is Universal Health Care? (Getting the U.S. United on Health Care-A National health care plan). The Universal Health Plan, gained popularity of the former President Bill Clinton, it did start the universal health care ball rolling and got many in American thinking about a united health care plan. The debate on a united and universal health care system for the U.S. has continued to be weaved into election topics as proposed cure to the United States health Care crisis. Which estimates have said leaves 41-50 million people in America without health insurance. In this article I found a few main points that will be useful to me as information to develop my writing in the essay on universal health care within Obama’s Health care reform, and also to acquirer knowledge about the Obama's health care reform, to applied in my personal life as well to keep informed other persons about this huge issue. Going to the doctors or hospitals, are more expensive now. In this article I can find the power of the health insurance has on the children hospitalization. This point helps me a lot with my paper, because in my writing I will discuss about the difference between children with insurance or no insurance plan. (Simple enough to explain to your kids). Another point is on the effects of the affordable care act on employment-based health insurance. Many employees are worried about their companies will cancel their existing plans.

Leonel martinez said...

Health Care Legislation, "Health Care Reform Will Destroy Jobs", 2012
The CBO "estimates that the legislation, on net, will reduce the amount of labor used in the economy by a small amount roughly half a percent primarily by reducing the amount of labor that workers choose to supply", which is more than 788,470 employees. Another independent estimate predicted the overhaul will "destroy a total of 120,000 to 700,000 jobs by 2019." This is a huge number of future jobs and future workers that will be effectively sidelined because of the health reform legislation. With more than 14 million Americans out of work today, we cannot afford to lose more jobs. Much attention has been focused on how the federal health care overhaul, six months after enactment, mandates all insurance companies must allow young adults up of to age 26 to remain on their parents' health insurance. These blanket mandates will increase health insurance costs for millions of Americans. But the relative benefits or costs of this specific provision should not obscure a larger totality. The next generation of Americans faces a grim future. Less than half of Americans age 16-24 were employed this summer—the lowest level on record in more than six decades

Ana Perez said...

M, Morris. "If You Believe in "gun Control," This Is Probably Not for You..." The Crux If You Believe in Gun Control This Is Probably Not for You Comments. N.p., 12 Dec. 2013. Web. 13 June 2014. The Second Amendment reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” 10 arguments that give reason against gun control. 10. There Is Murder In The UK. Most hand guns are banned from the United Kingdom because of the Second Firearms Act of 1997. Where a man shot and killed 16 students and a teacher in an elementary school before shooting himself. Banning the gun has murder rates increasing. 9. Literary Infallibility. Thomas Jefferson “Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.” Ben Franklin “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” the question should gun usage be limited is going around. In Carolina, an automatic M2HB .50 is legal but an assault rifle is banned. Seeing that there are some federal limits; calibers are not allowed if bigger then .50. 8. The Civilian Need for Assault Rifles assault rifle; a weapon which fires high-powered rounds and reloads on its own. All one has to do is pull the trigger. This [gun] was made for warfare purposes. 7. Welcome To Texas a shooting that caught the attention of the public. Whitman randomly shot at students on school ground. 6. It Didn’t Work For Germany this nation has strict laws on gun control. Still there was shooting happening. It didn't work. There are other was to access a gun then being legal. 5. Gun Control Equals Absolute Despotism most people don't trust the government. The people believe that the government is trying to take away their rights. This is being done one at a time. Until they [government] is able to take over and control the Americans. This will become a treat to mankind. It’s stated the "The only truly effective protection of American citizens’ rights to freedom of speech, press, religion, and others are their guns." 4. Rampage Shooters Like Soft Targets rampage shooters do not fear death around them. Revenge is usually what the shooter is looking for. Their goal is to kill as many people as possible before themselves. The shooter choose everyday places that carry plenty of people. Where few of them will be armed. 3. The Eighteenth Amendment 18 amendment "This amendment prohibited the production, transport, and sale of alcohol within the United States of America." if the prohibition of alcohol didn’t stop, what makes one think it’ll stop with guns. Alcohol was imported and supplied by "gangsters". If guns were out the picture the population would have to answer and be afraid of the "gangsters" once again. 2. Laws Do Not Apply To Criminals gun laws were founded on making the nation a safer place. Criminals take it another way. Thinking the braking the law feels good, only caring about not getting caught. And if giving the chance will do it all over again. 1. Maybe In A Perfect World . . . most guns in the US are unregistered. It’ll be impossible to wipe out all guns. How would it be done if there isn’t a count on all guns?

David Castillo said...

Bradford, Harry. “14 Ways Marijuana Legalization Could Boost The Economy.” The Huffington Post. 07 Nov. 2012. Web. 26 Feb. 2013.

A quick overview of different ways marijuana can boost American society. This article has information on how marijuana can help to boost the economy and get us out of this big predicament we are in. It has fourteen legitimate ways that marijuana could help to get us out of the deficit we are in. This information will be useful in the area of the essay where I go into the economic benefits that marijuana could have if it were to be legalized. One of the major things that this website says is that marijuana can be heavily taxed and if it is going to be used by people like expected it could provide a huge boost in income for our economy. It will also take out a huge black market for this product and all of the money invested in that black market will be going towards our economy because it would be legalized. The strategies used in this article are just facts but these facts will be very useful towards the paper we are writing and the strategies vary about different topics about marijuana so it will be useful for any topics we will discuss throughout the paper. Not everyone will agree with some of the statements said in this article but, not everyone uses marijuana.

David Castillo said...

“Marijuana Policy Project.” Arizona. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Feb. 2013.
The article tells us that the very beginning of August 2012, Arizona Organix in Glendale became the first dispensary to begin serving patients. Attorneys tried to convince the judge to shut down the program but their argument was refused. In January 2013 a pool was taken and showed that 59 percent of Arizona voters supported the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. They passed Prop 203 and Health Services have been issuing IDs to patients in need since 2011. In order to be qualified as a patient you have to have a serious need for the product and you can propose your story to Arizona’s Law Association. Arizona has some of the harshest penalties against marijuana use in the country. If you are caught with one-ounce marijuana it can be considered a felony and you can serve up to 18 months in jail. Arizona is ranked 16th in the country in terms of arrest per 100000 citizens. Arizona also passed a law that requires drug testing for public assistance recipients. Its important to read and learn about the harsh rules in Arizona compared to the other states that are about to become legalized and/or are already legalized. When comparing Arizona to California and Colorado it is clear that the use and legalization of marijuana is a much bigger deal in Arizona and that they most likely will not become a legalized state in the near future. This information will be helpful when we talk about the difference of recreational and commercial of marijuana because we will bring in the Arizona to compare their regulations on marijuana compared to California and Colorado.

Brenda Tamayo said...

Sprigg, Peter. "Gay Marriage Should Not Be Legal." Gale Group. N.p., 2012. Web. 6 June 2014.
This article is used to show the argument the opposing side is making. Sprigg is explaining that legalizing same sex marriage would cause short term and long term effects. One effect being that homosexuals would receive benefits such as social security if the other partner dies. Spriggs explains that those benefits are only for stay at home mothers who cannot afford to work. Another is being able to add their partner as a benefit to their health insurance. He went on to explain that most homosexuals have higher chances of getting physical diseases, mental illnesses and abuse drugs resulting in higher premiums and medical claims. Another point is that homosexuality would be taught in school. He gave the example of Deb Allen a lesbian teacher who teaches eighth grade sex education and includes a gay curriculum in explicit detail to children. For example two woman having sex with one another. He goes on to add that fewer people who remain faithful and in monogamous relationships. He continues on by Stating a fact from the journal AIDS that men who are in partnered relationships have at least 8 sexual partners per year outside of their relationship.

Andy Cuello said...

News, Liz Goodwin Yahoo. "Florida Lawmakers Vote to Expand ‘stand Your Ground’ Law." Yahoo! News. Yahoo!, 21 Feb. 2014. Web. 14 June 2014. This article explains how the law in Florida “Stand Your Ground” is a mistake among the legislators. Basically, there was an example of someone using this law to shoot a 17 year old kid for playing his music too loudly. The man asked the boy the put his music down. Obviously, they weren’t going to listen to the man. The man said he saw a shotgun in their car and said that they shot it 10 times so Dunn retaliated and shot him and killed him. How is it possible from within 5 feet is someone is going to shoot a shotgun 10 times and not cause any damage to the car, any damage to himself, or the one he was shooting at? After the investigators came, they found there was no shotgun in the car, and no shotgun shells on the floor. This article also explains other situations in how apparently the law lets you fire warning shots before you can shoot them and use deadly force. This is Dunn’s testimony as well as others. This is how people misuse the law for their own benefit. Dunn was not convicted of murder, but was convicted of shooting shots at a fleeing car? How is it that someone can kill someone, but instead get charged only for shooting at a fleeing car? Because this law needs to be revised as this article says. This article is against this law because of all the mistakes it comes with it.

Alma Mendez said...

Lynch, Robert, and Patrick Oakford. "The Economic Effects of Granting Legal Status and Citizenship to Undocumented Immigrants." (2013): 20 Mar. 2013. Web.
The "Gang of 8", composed by four Democrats and four Republicans release a framework to provide legal statues and citizenship to the 11 million undocumented immigrants who live in this country. Several studies and government data sets have shown that granting citizenship to the 11 million undocumented immigrants would help the economy rise. A 10 year economic analyzes was shown to have a positive economic effect if undocumented are given citizenship. In the best case scenario the Gross Domestic Product would rise economy to about $1.4 trillion. The
scenarios illustrate that undocumented workers are earning less than minimum wage which cause them to contribute less to economy. And are not re¬porting their incomes for fear of being
deported. If immigrants were legalized then they would contribute more to the country by declaring their income and paying billions of dollars in taxes. Not only are they taxpayers, but they are also consumers. Gaining more money they will be spending more which would fuel the economy. Creating more jobs and stimulating product demands. The country would benefit from an increase in Gross Domestic Products, economic gains in terms of growth, earn¬ings, tax revenues, and jobs.

Samaria Miller said...

Julia Talanova "89 year old philidalphia man accused of war crimes as Nazi death camp gaurd" June 19,
A nazis camp gaurd whos lived in the united states since 1950s is facing jail time to Germany following his arerest in phillidalphia. Germany wants him because he is facing priso time for commiting war times in the world war II in Geramny.Breyer was arrested in Philadelphia, where he has long lived, on Tuesday. According to court documents filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, German authorities have charged Breyer with complicity in the murder of over 216,000 European Jews from Hungary, Germany, and Czechoslovakia, who were forcibly deported to the Auschwitz II-Birkenau concentration camp on 158 trains between May and October 1944.According to the current complaint, in 1991, Breyer told U.S. authorities that he was a perimeter guard at Auschwitz and may have fired into the air occasionally. He also stated that on three or four occasions he marched prisoners to construction sites outside the camp complex.