Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Response Note 8 (Eight)

List 5 (FIVE) possible resources you might use; annotate one of the sources. 
Here is a link on how to annotate a source:

Additionally, you can read the Models for Writers book pages 651-657. 


Ana Perez said...

1) Barrett, Paul M. "Gun Control and the Constitution: Should We Amend the Second Amendment?" Bloomberg Business Week. Bloomberg, 20 Feb. 2014. Web. 05 June 2014.

2) ""The Strongest Evidence We Have That Background Checks Really Matter""New Republic. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 June 2014.

3) "Why Gun Owners Are Right to Fight Against Gun Control." N.p., n.d. Web. 03 June 2014.

4) "Gun Control Laws Wouldn't Stop Senseless Shootings – They Would Cause More." PolicyMic. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 June 2014.

5) "Gun Control Pros and Conts." Gun Control Pros and Conts. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 June 2014. This article is talking about several in sites on gun control. There has been innumerable debates on gun control and where it’s headed. Talking about the crime rate done by the gun, but still looking beyond the statistics. Discussing the pros and cons of the gun. Questioning the debate on gun control and if it’s becoming stale. Although gun control has been going on for decades the people are still interested. The debate on gun control has increased over the years. The law on gun control has engaged the attention of the government. The people who agree with gun control are rallied up. Hoping to get this law passed. Looking at the crime rate and death done by the gun.

- Ana Perez

Andy Cuello said...

1. "Are 'Stand Your Ground' Laws a Good Idea?" US News. U.S.News & World Report, n.d. Web. 06 June 2014.
2. "Florida 'stand Your Ground' Law Yields Some Shocking Outcomes Depending on How Law Is Applied." Tampa Bay Times. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 June 2014.
3. "" Pro & Con: 'Stand Your Ground' Laws Make Sense. JOHN PESCHONG, 11 Aug. 2013. Web. 06 June 2014.
4. "The Deadly Consequences of ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws." The Great Debate RSS. N.p., 13 Feb. 2014. Web. 06 June 2014.
5. Sullivan, Sean. "Everything You Need to Know about ‘stand Your Ground’ Laws." Washington Post. The Washington Post, 15 July 2013. Web. 04 June 2014. This article talks about an example of a “Stand Your Law” ground. This article states how the stand your ground law has significant effects on people and what it does. They actually did a research and found that just in Florida alone, the homicide percentage of after five years that this law has been active, it has tripled the amount. This is not just numbers put out there for nothing, obviously people misuse this concept and a lot of people can say not all of them deserved to die. Now, after all these homicides and deaths, States want to revise the law and refine what they have written in the law because it is clear that it isn’t working. The law was meant to stop people from breaking into houses or for the other way around as in for people to have self-defense. But all in all, this still doesn’t stop people from committing crimes. The government thought putting this law out there can slow down the rates or even stop it at some point but it is clear that with this law not refined, this will not happen the way they want it to happen. There was actually a repeal to the law in New Hampshire as the article states, but it did not work and fell short.

Carlo Ricci said...

Viglucci, Andres. "Debate over Soccer Stadium Centers on Park Use." Miami Herald, 02 June 2014. Web. 05 June 2014. .
Back in 2000 the construction of the Miami Art Museum had to battle its way against the construction of a baseball park. City activists, leaders and politicians fought against the idea of building this park and after several discussions they won and the Museum was built. The same story is about to repeat itself with soccer player David Beckham proposing to build a new soccer stadium in the same place. Beckham’s plan is to fill an old boat slip, take part of the museum land along with a parcel that belongs to the city of Miami.
The source is the well-known Miami Herald newspaper and the article seems to be unbiased to the idea of building the stadium. The article compares the proposal to the one form 14 years ago to build the baseball park, cites several statements from the people against and also the pros that are being offered by Beckham and his group.
The article brings the two sides and compares them by siting the good and bad aspects of the plan. To some, the stadium will bring chaos, destruction of a land mark (boat slip) and disruption of the tranquillity that the museum and park represent. To others, the stadium will bring business opportunities, excitement and will fit the so claimed Miami style.
Other sources
Heitner, Darren. "Miami Beckham United Reveals Plan And Support For Downtown Soccer Stadium." Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 22 May 2014. Web. 06 June 2014.
"Miami MLS Team." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 06 May 2014. Web. 06 June 2014.
Hernandez, Christina. "Beckham's MLS Stadium Would Have at Least 20,000 Seats." NBC 6 South Florida. Nbcmiami, 22 May 2014. Web. 06 June 2014.
"Miami Beckham United." : Curbed Miami. Curbed, n.d. Web. 06 June 2014.

Brenda Tamayo said...

1. Horne, Sharon. Journal of Social Issues, Vol. 67, No. 2, 2011, pp. 358—375 Print.

2. Tribe, Laurence H. Matz, Joshua Maryland Law Review 2012, Vol. 71 Issue 2. P471-489 Print.

3. Sprigg, Peter. "Gay Marriage Should Not Be Legal." Gale Group. N.p., 2012. Web. 6 June 2014.

4. Patrick Busch Washington University Global Studies Law Review. 10.1 (Winter 2011): p143.

5. Williams, Reginald Ethical Theory & Moral Practice October 2011, Vol. 14 Issue 5, p589-595. Print. This article explains that Homosexuals should have the same rights as a heterosexual. Williams goes on to give examples of everyday decisions that we make to compare the Homosexuals do not get that right to choose who they get to marry or are limited to certain rights. Williams believes in equality and does not think it is fair for Homosexuals to not have the same rights as heterosexuals. Williams explains McDonogous argument where he sees that the same sex marriage is not an equal rights issue. He gives the example of Black people wanting the Rights that white people already have and women wanting rights that men already have to say that no one has the right to marry the same sex. William disagrees and says that marriage is supposed to be seen as a collective right rather than in individual right.

F Santana said...

1) Focus on" Health Reform". Summary o New Health Reform Law- The Henry J. Kaiser Family foundation. This publication (#8061) at

2) "Obama Care Pros and cons. (Detailed advantages and disadvantages of the Affordable Care Act about. Com US Economy

3) Occupy Public Health (posted by admini. On January 08, 2013)
The pros and cons of the Health Care Reform Act.

4) CNN Opinion
“Here’s the truth about Obama Care.” By Sally Kohn.

5)”Obama Care” Facts 101.
Understanding the pros and cons of “Obama Care” analysis.

In the article, about "Obama care Pros and cons understanding". They say that affordable Care Act of 2010 will have an impact with long terms ramifications for millions of people in America. The law requires all Americans have health insurance. Obama Care inquests to lower the healthcare and reduces the medical services for those who can get insurance.
For millions of American and legal residents who are not converged for health insurance, with Obama Care will get the coverage that they need by starting in 2014.
Health plans will no longer be able to be denied coverage to those people who suffer from a pre-existent condition. People with low income will received a subsidy to help them to pay health care coverage. One of the best things for the families is Obama care included our children to stay on their parent’s health insurance until the age of 26.
States are requires to set up insurance exchanges to make it easier to find the best deals on private health insurance.
On the other hand many people look some disadvantages of the “ObamaCare.” For example: High drug costs. The drugs are not covered by the plan of Obama care, people have to pay that drugs for they own pocket . Some consumers will pay as much as half cost of that called “specially” drugs. In comparison consumers in private plans pay no more than the third part of those costs.

Rose Rivera said...
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Rose Rivera said...

1) Appelbaum, Paul S., and Jeffrey W. Swanson. "PsychiatryOnline | Psychiatric Services | Law & Psychiatry: Gun Laws and Mental Illness: How Sensible Are the Current Restrictions?" PsychiatryOnline | Home. American Psychiatric Publishing, 1 July 2010. Web. 2 June 2014. .
This column speaks about laws restricting access to firearms for people with mental illness. When a person with mental illness commits a violent crime using a firearm it causes the public to voice their opinion to lawmakers to implement new restrictions to keep people with mental illness from access to guns. It also discusses and provides evidence of effective and negative consequences regarding current laws and potentially new restrictions for future laws by our legislators. This source is useful because it will assist me in completing my essay regarding guns laws and mental illness. This information is reliable because it is written by Dr. Appelbaum, M.D.,who is the Elizabeth K. Dollard Professor of Psychiatry, Medicine and Law, Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University. Dr. Swanson is Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Duke University School of Medicine. This article gave me more insight to existing gun laws currently in place that restrict people with mental illness access to firearms. There are Supreme Court cases that will help me validate some of the research I will be citing in my paper.

2) "Hhs." Scribd - Read Unlimited Books. Joe Palazzolo, 3 Jan. 2014. Web. 2 June 2014. .

3) "NRA-ILA | Mental Health and Firearms." NRA-ILA. National Rifle Association, 24 Jan. 2013. Web. 2 June 2014. .

4) Palazzolo, Joe. "On Guns and Mental Health: Feds Issue New Regulations - Law Blog - WSJ." The Wall Street Journal, 3 Jan. 2014. Web. 2 June 2014. .

5)"Violence, Mental Illness and Gun Reporting Laws." NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness - Mental Health Support, Education and Advocacy. National Alliance on Mental Illness, Mar. 2013. Web. 2 June 2014. .

Samaria Miller said...

"Death penalty: facts" death penalty focus. Web. May 31st, 2013
This sheet is about 10 facts on why the death penalty should be abolished. 1) executions are carried out at a staggering cost to taxpayers. The cost to execute someone very expensive. California has spent $184 million on the death penalty each year and is on track to spend $1 billion in the next five years. 2) there is no credible evidence that capital punishment deters crime. Scientific studies have consistently failed to demonstrate that executions deter people from committing crime anymore than long prison sentences. 3)innocent people have been convicted and executed. The wrongful execution of an innocent person is an injustice that can never be rectified. 4) race plays a role. 82% of studies reviewed race of the victim was found to influence the likelihood of being charged with capital murder or receiving the death penalty. 5) the death penalty is applied at random. Approx 100 people or less are sentenced to death. 6) capital punishment goes against every religion.
2)Debater Agent"should the death penalty be abolished?" Web blog. July 24
3) Deborah White "pros and cons of the death penalty" article web. June 29, 2009
4)Sudan "More than half a million call to free pregnant woman sentenced to death" news blog may 22, 2014
5)Sean McElwee "it's time to abolish the death penalty" the blog. 07/08/13

Leonel martinez said...

1. John Boehner on Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 in a tweet. Says President Barack Obama’s health care law is "expected to destroy 2.3 million jobs."

2. Glen Kessler, "
No, CBO did not say Obamacare will kill 2 million jobs", February 4th 2014

3.The Economist - New York "Will Obamacare destroy jobs?" Aug 21st 2013, 21:53.

4. Articles, A ‘Job-Killing’ Law?, January 7.
When it comes to truth in labeling, House Republicans are getting off to a poor start with their constantly repeated references to the new health care law as "job killing". There’s little doubt that the new law will likely lead to somewhat fewer low-wage jobs. That’s mainly because of the law’s requirement that, generally, firms with more than 50 workers pay a penalty if they fail to provide health coverage for their workers. One leading health care expert, John Sheils of The Lewin Group, puts the loss at between 150,000 and 300,000 jobs, at or near the minimum wage. And Sheils says that relatively small loss would be partly offset by gains in the health care industry.

Marie White said...

Marie Lavache
1.Richard Wolf, "Supreme Court Puts Utah Same-Sex Marriage on Hold,", Jan. 6, 2014
2.Elizabeth Weise, "Federal Judge Allows Gay Marriages to Continue in Utah,", Dec. 23, 2013
3.Katharine Q. Seelye, "Rhode Island Joins States That Allow Gay Marriage,", May 2, 2013 this article also lets us know
4.Cindy Carcomo, "New Mexico Becomes Latest State to Legalize Gay Marriage,", Dec. 19, 2013
5.David Bailey, "Minnesota Governor Signs Bill Legalizing Gay Marriage," Reuters, May 14, 2013. This Article also lets us know that minnesota is the nations 12th state to legalize gay marriage,minneapolis is the states largest city and gay cerominies will be held at the city hall after explains to us that opponents of the bill questions whether the rights of indiviual and religous groups will be protetected.

David Castillo said...

1) Starobin, Paul. "California Goes To Pot." National Journal (2010). Gale Opposing Viewpoints In Context. Web. 18 Jun. 2014.

2) "Marijuana as medicine: Consider the pros and cons." Riverside. N.p., 25 Aug. 2006. Web. 14 Jun. 2014.

3) Evans, David G. "Marijuana Legalization's Costs Outweigh Its Benefits." U.S. News. Special Adviser to the Drug Free America Foundation, 30 Oct. 2012. Web. 17 Jun. 2014.

4) Klein, Joe. "Why Legalizing Marijuana Makes Sense."Time Magazine U.S.. Time Magazine, 02 04 2009. Web. 17 Apr 2014.

5) "Marijuana Is Not Addictive" by Paul Armentano. Marijuana. Arthur Gillard, Ed. Web. Jun 17 2014

This article talks about how marijuana should be legalized. It discusses the large amounts of money that could be earned if legalized. Also, it talks about the huge business aspect that could be gained from the legalization of marijuana and how the economy could be potentially bailed out. And finally this article compares other drugs and the withdrawal symptoms felt from the drug are not as mild as other hardcore drugs such as Cocaine or Heroin.