Friday, June 13, 2014

Research-- Sources--and Response Notes

Hello Class,

As I read through your response notes that ask you to annotate a source, I am noticing a lot of mistakes and poor choice of sources.

Citing “an article” is NOT the proper way to cite a source. Citing “web blog” that provides no name for the blog, no name for the author, and no other information is NOT a valid source.

A tweet is NOT a source.

Remember, you can use to make citing the sources easier. Also, recall that you need to cite VALID sources.

Please, review this link

As well as this link

ALL sources, whether print or internet, should have an author, a title of the publication (as well as title of the article), and a date of publication - AT THE VERY LEAST.

Your textbook has information on using sources as well. Read it. If anyone has any questions, just e-mail me. If you want me to comment on your essays, I will need time to read them, so get them to me by Sunday before noon.

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